Buurk 'Duz

A half-orc fighter setting out to find his orc heritage that he never knew.


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James Edward Smith III (Buurk ‘Duz) was left as an infant at the front gates of a very poor and very minor noble. Most men would have seen this half-orc thing and put it out of its misery, but not Sir James. He was not like most men of his rank. He had queer ideas of equality among races and of men and women. This more than likely accounted for him being so poor and so minor. He saw a child not a monster and he loved the child as his own.

Sir James took in the infant and raised him has his own son even giving him his name. He had no wife or children and took this as a sign from the gods that this was his chance to be a father. He raised the half-orc as if he was born from his own seed. Many townsfolk whispered that Sir James actually was the boy’s biological father. Considering Sir James believed in equality of races it wasn’t hard for people to imagine him having an affair with an orc.

As the boy grew his father taught him the martial skills. He learned to ride a horse as a warrior. He learned how to wear armor and use a shield and various weapons. But most of all he loved to use his fist and feet. He wasn’t the brightest boy around and often got in trouble because he would get bored. Learning to read and write like a human meant very little to him. Jamie has his father called him, preferred to have fun in the wild, hunt, fish, and learn how to fight. Basically he was a good boy, but no one but his father treated him as an equal. He was picked on by other boys, often goading him into a fight, which he would usually lose because of the other boys being older and more of them. This changed once he reached his teens. He shot up and became bigger and stronger than most of the men. Now the other boys didn’t tease him anymore, because he could easily pick them up and drop them on there head. He did that a few times just to prove a point.

Many of the townsfolk feared his orcish nature would take over and they feared for their safety and the safety of their children. They heard wild stories that orcs like to eat small children. Although very few of them had actually seen an orc before. They pleaded with Sir James to banish Jamie to the wild. He refused their request and resentment grew on both sides.

Sir James was entering his golden years when he fell off his horse during a hunt. He had been hunting by himself for most of his life and never expected to have such a terrible accident. He had broken many bones and was coughing up blood when Jamie and one of the servants found him. His horse was grazing near by, but Sir James didn’t have the strength to mount his ride alone. Jamie rushed him back to the house where he died moments later in his bed. His last words to Jamie were, “I love you my son, you are now the man of the manor”

Jamie called for the priest to have his father’s funeral arranged according to his station. It was a small ceremony, very few attended. Many rumors abound that Jamie in his anger had killed his father, few believed that a man such as Sir James could have suffered such grievous injuries just from falling off a horse.

A few days later Sir James’s Will and Testament was read and when it was discovered that Jamie was his sole heir, the town’s people were in an uproar. How could he have left his entire estate to this monster, many asked. Shortly a mob formed and went to the Smith’s manor where they planned to confront this abomination. When the mob arrived Jamie was waiting for them sitting on top of Sir James’s stallion. He was dressed in full battle armor, and had his father’s broad sword in his hand. The mob looked at his with even more disgust and contempt. They shouted monster, animal, unclean, unworthy and other names too foul to mention. He ordered them off his land or he would deal with them personally and with force. This angered the mob even more. A stone was thrown that bounced off Jamie’s helmet. He yelled and warned them again or he would charge through their ranks cutting them down like weeds if they didn’t leave. Several stones were hurled at him now, causing him to use his shield to block the flurry. The mob took this distraction and charged him pulling him from his father’s horse. They kicked him, the pulled at his armor, they took his shield, they took his father’s sword, and cut the armor from him. They kicked and beat him till he no longer moved or cried out. He watched as the mob went to the house and other buildings looting his father’s, no his possessions then they set fire to house and to the barn. He could hear the animals crying for help but he could do nothing. As the mob receded he heard them talk about how crazy his father was for taking in an animal such as him. Many spit on him as he passed or threw in an extra kick. They left him for dead.

That day James Edward Smith III died at 17 years old and Buurk ‘Duz was born. He swore to find his mother’s tribe and live like an orc, no matter how evil they may be they couldn’t possibly treat family and neighbors as bad as these humans did. For the next few years Buurk lived on the edge of town, never letting the villagers know that he was around. He would hunt and gather for his food, even stealing when need be. The mob had taken everything from him and the authorities refused to listen to his case, since he wasn’t human. He practiced his weapons skills from the lessons his father had taught him growing up. It had been six years since Buurk was born now it was time for him to leave this small town behind and find his true path in live. The path of a fighter, the path of an orc.

Buurk 'Duz

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