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Friday, November 20, 2009 Me so shoked

Me so shoked me not hit big smely ting lik fiting smok

bigger dan me, me no can hit, but litle stinky ding tore it up me tink twice now maybe me won’t splat him da next time he stand dare with hiz tumb up hiz arse

even pajama boy noked da monster arond sum da only ting me gud for waz getin hit and me gots hit alot

but me wory fader jon maybe no priest but a tieve he tuk all da shiny tings and me not understand how da bracers fit hiz skiny arms so well me not turn me bak on him anymore

me made me first puch out of da dragons head, it turned out nice me gave to da crazy elf to put his stinky weed in, me had no meed for da puch but me tought it would calm him down, me no want him to stab Jon in da back

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me also wunder what will be in da rest of dis place me no like fiting tings me cant hit me just wish we get a leader and spend les tym talking and more tym adventuring


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