Primum Nocte

22 Tarsakh, The Claw of Storms 1374 DR - The Year of Lightning Storms

Session 5

We left with the group freeing the goblins, deep in the lair of the kobolds.

Buurk’duz pulls up the metal stake securing the goblin chains. They immediately head out the door, but Csoka snags one chain and jerks the goblin up short before he escapes. Caleb heads out to see where the rest go; he sees the ends of the chains disappearing into the darkness on the opposite side of the dark hall with columns around the corner. Tayeohnaas follows him to keep him in sight. They return to the room. Perill hides in the room, plainly visible to everyone except Buurk’duz, and Father Jön casts Comprehend Languages. They try the door opposite the one they entered, and find it locked, perhaps barred from the outside like the one they came in through. After a brief strategy session, the group splits up! Perfect! Actually, they decide to enter the hall with the pillars from the two directions they’ve discovered, and out-flank the kobolds. Perill, Buurk’duz, and Father Jön head to the end that seems populated, while the rest head around the back where Caleb saw the goblins pass through unnoticed.

Out come the miniatures and the map tiles! First battle using figs and map.

As they approach more closely, Perill, Buurk’duz, and Father Jön realize there are quite a few kobolds present. Father Jön can understand them now… the masses are chanting “Blood of the Dragon” while the leader is ranting about the superiority of those descendents of Ashardalon, and how they will wipe the interloping goblins away. Perill steps into the room, crouches down, and mimics the motion of the kobolds. Thanks to a combination of excellent rolls on his part and terrible ones on the DM’s, this subterfuge succeeds! How long it could last is in doubt, but that doesn’t get put to the test, as he takes the opportunity to fire a pre-emptive arrow into the leader. All hell promptly breaks loose.

The leader, wounded but not dead, calls out, and more kobolds come flooding in from surrounding areas. Caleb, hiding behind a pillar at the back of the room, gets off 3 AoOs as they run past, wounding several. Buurk’duz strides into the mass of kobolds laughing. Immediately, 5 or 6 of them pile in around him, not actually attacking him, but throwing him off balance (aid another actions). This pays off as a final kobold comes rushing in, barely survives his successful AoO and trips him! A mass grapple ensues. Father Jön summons his celestial fire beetle in the midst of the melee, Tayeohnaas summons a wolf in as well, and Csoka engages kobolds without success. Caleb noted the ones rushing in from the back were better armed/armored than the rest. Tiiria cast Hail of Stones, targeting the leader and other nearby kobolds. The resulting crash of stones finish off the leader and sorely wound several other kobolds.

Kobold fury erupts as attacks are made with spears, short swords, and daggers. In particular, Buurk’duz gets rather savagely shanked by the multitude of kobolds grappling him. Perill drops his bow and draws his scimitar, taking out a kobold with one neat slice. Father Jön’s beetle & Tayeohnaas’ wolf start biting away, and distracting some of kobolds. Caleb, Csoka, and Tayeohnaas start pounding the kobolds in the back half of the room, as Tiiria starts picking off distant ones with Magic Missiles. Father Jön steps up beside Buurk’duz and smashes the skull of one of the kobolds on him (narrowly missing smashing Buurk’duz instead). With two of the squirming wrestlers taken out, Buurk’duz successfully stands, and swats away 2 more. The tide has definitely turned, as the group at the rear starts moving up the hall to meet their comrades. The incensed kobolds fight to the death, which doesn’t take very long.

Upon more leisurely searching, they see a makeshift throne, the back of which sports a piece of stonework with a carved dragon’s head. in the mouth, a key! Caleb also finds 2 scrolls, 3 flasks, and wand on the dead leader. Tiiria Identifies the wand as a Wand of Magic Missiles, and the scrolls as arcane spell scrolls; one Mage Armor and one Spider Climb.

The group decides to head back to the water tank room for a well-deserved rest before going back to the dragon key door and discovering what lies beyond.


aint nuttin funny about being shanked by kobolds

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