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21 Tarsakh, The Claw of Storms 1374 DR - The Year of Lightning Storms - Part Two

Session 4

We left our stalwart band of Unchosen with the bodies of kobolds dropping to the floor.

After taking a deep breath, and collectively gathering their wits (and their sanity), the group plans for what comes next.

Buurk’Duz keeps the unconscious Meebok tied to his front in a baby carrier/meat shield arrangement. He then smashes his weapon into a kobold corpse to gain everyone’s attention. Once the floor is his (in accordance with Rognar’s Orcish Rules of Order), he makes an impassioned speech regarding the need to act like one in combat. A decision is made to backtrack a bit and check out the bypassed areas before venturing deeper into the Citadel. First up, the stone door with the carvings of a dragon-like fish swimming. Perill heard faint gurglings at the door before. As they inspect it anew, they discover it’s locked. Buurk’Duz braces, flexes, and with a brittle snap, the locking pins break, and the door swings open.

Inside is a ~ 15X15 room with a large (~4’) iron cask with runes engraved on it. Pipes run from the cask into the walls and floor. Atop the cask is what appears to be an inverted iron flask, socketed into a hole on the top of the cask. A chained stopper is attacked to the neck of the flask.

Tiiria recognizes the runes as being from the conjuration/summoning school. Csoka gently taps the side of the keg with her warhammer, and a furious sloshing sound is heard. After a bit of debate, Perill pulls the flask out of the top of the keg. He notes a steady stream of water pours from the flask, which feels about half full. Moments later, the top of the keg explodes in burst of spray, as an indistinct figure flies up and lands in the middle of the room.

A small, madly-writhing humanoid-ish creature stands amidst the group, and ferociously attacks! Buurk’Duz starts the battle, smashing the watery creature with his morning star. A thin keening scream rises, as a portion of the creature sprays across the nearest wall. Despite the effect, Buurk’Duz feels as though the full force of his blow was muted by the liquid nature of the target. Everyone else gets in on it. The creature responds by spraying a cone of liquid on Buurk’Duz & Caleb. Buurk’Duz takes little damage, but Caleb takes more as the acidic liquid burns into their skin. Tiiria freezes a portion of the creature with a Ray of Frost, and Father Jön, Tiiria , and Tayeohnaas all summon creatures (2 celestial fire beetles and a dire rat) to pile in. Perill & Buurk’Duz manage to strike the creature, each injuring it, but feeling as though much of the potential damage is blunted. Caleb attempts to strike it with the burning torch, but fails to connect. The creature lashes out with watery pseudopods, the tips of which freeze into icy claws on impact, slashing at Caleb, Father Jön, and Perill. The creature seems much reduced in size at this point, when Father Jön notices that puddled water on the floor is flowing back into the creature, and apparently replenishing it. Tiiria launches a Magic Missile into the creature, which screams a final time before exploding into fine spray that coats the room and all it’s occupants.

After the battle, Buurk’Duz discovers Meebok took the brunt of the acid spray and is no more. Perill inspects the inside of the tank, and finds 5 small sapphires; also shows flask to Tiiria – cool, fresh water pours from the flask which feels half full.

Father Jön does some healing, & Tiiria id’s the flask. Then, spent, the group barricades the door (with Buurk’Duz) and gets some rest. Buurk’Duz makes an amulet from Meebok’s head, and he finds the result quite pleasing.

After a rest period (presumable the next day, 22 Tarsakh), they backtrack to the entrance tower and inspect the room through the left door. The room is rectangular, about 20’ wide, the far end is collapsed. On the right hand wall is a stone door, with a bas-relief carving of a rearing dragon. In it’s mouth is a keyhole. Buurk’Duz tries to open the door but fails. Caleb gets bitten by a giant rat in the rubble, which he immediately kills. They head back to the L-shaped room, and start opening doors from the left. The first reveals an empty room, next a writhing pile of rats, all penned in with rubble. Next around the circumference of the room is a hallway. Down the hallway, they hear faint chanting. Perill scouts down the hall, and is able to hear the chanting more clearly; it sounds like the yipping speech of kobolds, with multiple voices chanting, and what sounds like a leader exhorting followers (Channel K, all kobolds, all the time). They check a door on the right that is barred on the outside, and find captive goblins. Finally, something Tiiria can’t talk to! They decide to free them as a decoy. Buurk’Duz pulls up the metal stake their chains are attached to.

We end with goblins finding their freedom at the hands of the group, and a planned assault on the main gathering of kobolds they can hear ahead.


Awesome way to finish it, Tiiria! But hey! Look! Tiiria has no backstory! That’s amazing! Does she speak Dwarven too? Tssk. Shoulda’ taken draconic. Sweet MM of Love to the creature! Way to finish it!

Buurk’Duz. Love your backstory, man! Awesome! Who was Meebok, your pet? You made a NECKLACE OUT OF HIM! That’s sweet too.

I think there should be more diacritics in this party. Ye shall be dubbed, “Ye old Finno-Teutonic Diacritic Adventuring Coster of Fate”!

“Freed from binding cell, alight on purple disc, drag the tortured shell, perhaps o’er obelisk?

Usurper, Tyrant, Harlot, view from noble ledge, lesser Shadows have begot me, servants die by kinfe’s edge.”

-Viniç Vaaldukt, Writher in Shadows

Good job as usual on the summary.

Thanks for the comments Silencer Meebook was a young kobold in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kind of like fly biting your ass, you just have to smack it.


Noticed lots of flies around ur ass Bur’uk. Should lent u the flask of never ending water, and stop eating those pies.



Those flies are big enough for pixies to ride on


Pixies are a pain in the ass, especially when u have to pull one out. Had a few encounters in the wild. Females are sexy little things, and they love wolvesweed. Trust me, they LOVE wolvesweed, and at least in the Grove, the young one’s will do anything for it. Anything.

amash215 amash215

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