Primum Nocte

21 Tarsakh, The Claw of Storms 1374 DR - The Year of Lightning Storms

Session 3

Having stopped with the group reaching the floor of the cavern by way of the ravine, we continue.

Perill approaches the door into the tower to search for tracks, but before getting there, steps into a pit trap. His reflexes enable him to avoid tumbling in. He sees a few small skeletons, one small dessicated body, and a giant rat squirming from the pit into the pit wall, moving through the spaces in the rubble. After a moment, the pit lid closes (perhaps some kind of spring-type mechanism). He searches the stone door into the tower, finds nothing, but is reluctant to open it. Tiiria casts Open, and the door swings open, revealing a dark chamber. Inside are several more corpses, recognizable as goblins. One goblin corpse is pinned to the far wall with a spear. Those with darkvision go inside, those without stay outside and light a torch, and Tayeohnaas stands in the doorway. The roof overhead is composed of packed shards of rubble, and doesn’t look very comforting.

Perill finds runes on the wall behind the goblin, Tiiria comes in and recognizes them as Draconic, spelling out the word, “Ashardalon.” She messages her master, and he replies that Draconic is often used by sorcerors and dragon-kin.

After much discussion about which way to go, Buurk ‘Duz strides to the left door and knocks loudly on it. With this, Caleb moves up to the right door, so does Perill, who then opens it. Buurk ‘Duz goes ahead and opens the one he knocked on, since, apparently, no one’s home.

The doors open to reveal a hallway to the right, and a rectangular room with a single stone door to the left. After some more discussion, they go to the right. Down the hall a bit they encounter a stone door on the left, a wooden door on the right, and ahead the hallway appears to enter a room.

Perill looks at the door on the left, Tayeohnaas the door on the right. Caleb heads up to room. The stone door on left has a carving of dragon-ish fish swimming in water. Perill listens, and hears a faint slosh/gurgle. The door on right opens into a ~15 X 15 room with nothing but some debris. The room ahead is oddly shaped. Along the left wall, there is a metal cage ~6-8’ on a side, with the bars violently twisted & apparently shattered in the middle. In front of it, there is a crude shrine, with a stained purple cloth and some small items. Bright green paint or dye has been used to crudely paint runes along the lower part of the walls. Caleb makes a Knowledge Arcana & Tiiria a Spellcraft check and they determine they are very roughly reminiscent of arcane runes, but don’t actually resemble any they’ve seen. Everyone comes to the room, and they note a pile of soiled blankets near the “shrine” twitching slightly. Inside they find a kobold, who they awaken. He panics, but Buurk ‘Duz grabs his head and holds him off the ground. The kobold (Meebok) is babbling (in crude Draconic). Tiiria speaks back to him, trying to get him to calm down. Perill uses some herbal smoke to mellow him out.

They take Meebok back to empty room to question, people get frustrated, things get disorganized, and Buurk ‘Duz finally knocks the kobold out. Before being knocked unconscious, Meebok reveals that other humans came through and went “below”, and he offers to lead them to the clan leader to sort things out. Then it’s lights out, courtesy of Buurk ‘Duz. They head back up to the large room, find several other doors which open into hallways, and a final door that Caleb opens to the sound of multiple arrows firing.

He makes a Ref save, and does a Neo Matrix dodge bit, as a volley of arrows come flying out at him. He spots 5 kobolds rising from bedding around a ember-filled pit. Total chaos breaks out as Caleb pulls the door shut, and tries to block entrance to the room, telling Tiiria to communicate. At the same time, Perill and Buurk ‘Duz are frothing to get in and kill the kobolds. Perill moves up to the door and tries to kick it open, but Caleb manages to hold it shut. Perill takes up station to the side of the door with his scimitar ready. Buurk ‘Duz moves to the other side of the door, while Tiiria continues to try to talk the kobolds down in Draconic. Ultimately, Perill goes in to attack, followed by Buurk ‘Duz. Caleb moves in and attempts to disarm a kobold, who’s AOO grievously wounds him. Everyone piles in and gets a hit in before the last kobold falls. C ends cut to within an inch of his life.

And with that, things come to a tumultuous close for the night.


you forgot Buurk’Duz wore the kobold as a meat shield. I think I will behead him and wear his head as an amulet hahhahaaah

amash215 amash215

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